Accountability Team

Accountability Team (Current & Historic)

Currently, AROC is accountable to a team of St. Louis Black folks and People of Color, including activists, organizers, and educators. We are accountable to them in a couple of ways: ongoing individual relationships, and structured organizational communication and decision-making about campaign targets, strategies, and tactics. Our Accountability Team gives us input, advice, and correction regarding actions that we plan, and they ask for AROC support for their work as well.

Additionally, we are accountable to Black-led and POC-led St. Louis organizations working on local campaigns and projects in St. Louis.

Currently we are highlighting, supporting, and volunteering for the following campaigns and organizations:

Action St. Louis / Close the Workhouse

Fight for $15

Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR)

ARC’s Historic Accountability Relationships:

ARC was born in 2003 as a committee of CAPCR (linked above), under guidance from the St. Louis Justice Institute (JI), specifically to support JI’s efforts to build political support for creating a Citizens Oversight Board for the St. Louis City Police.

In 2008 ARC moved from being a committee of CAPCR to being a committee of the Justice Institute, with the added goal of specifically addressing racism in white social justice organizations in St. Louis. For many years, we were accountable through our A-Team to the Justice Institute, until the Justice Institute disbanded in 2018.