Learning to Action Circles

The AROC Learning to Action Circle is an opportunity to connect to other people working to unlearn and disrupt their relationship to white privilege and white supremacy. It is designed for a group of people to deepen their relationships and hold one another accountable to do the personal-level work of upending white supremacy in our own lives and move into action.

We provide you with readings, detailed session agendas with discussion questions and activities, and a Support Team member, and your group meets to learn and discuss. Ready to start? Grab a couple friends (or ten!) and ask them to join your Learning to Action Circle! 

You can find more information on our website:

Why it is important to organize in our own communities

In this moment we are seeing a lot of calls for education, reading lists and learning. Political education and unlearning our own biases are important work. None of us was born knowing everything. However, this cannot and should not be done alone or by yourself. We have long been socialized to believe in individualism and to avoid building relationships to move to collective action. Learning and action should go hand in hand.       

To that end we see these Learning to Action Circles as an opportunity for white people to form circles among their social groups (including family, friends or neighbors) to engage and challenge themselves and their personal community to develop a shared language and a shared understanding of our history so we can better understand how we got here and what we can learn from those who went before us. 

It is important to note that we engage in political education to sharpen our skills in taking action for movement building, solidarity and social justice. We must work on ourselves at an individual level but also build community so we can work on changing institutions and structures that uphold white supremacy. 


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Learning Circles will be formed on a rolling basis with a waiting list. Space is limited and dependent on our ability to provide Support Team members, so sign up now by clicking the “Register” button below!

7/2/20 – WE ARE AT CAPACITY FOR OUR FIRST WAVE OF GROUPS. Please STILL sign up – we’ll send you a start-up document!

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