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Mass Movements Working Group

The mass movement working group focuses on collective action to disrupt white supremacy in white St. Louis. This work sometimes takes the form of campaigns and more often, of participating in and mobilizing for campaigns and actions led by people of color.

We believe that collective action is an important part of the struggle for liberation. Moreover, we believe it is important for us to interrupt white supremacy in both ourselves and in majority white spaces. Direct action, through AROC and with other organizations in St. Louis, is one way to do exactly that.

Workshops Working Group

AROC’s workshop group aims to help build analysis so that white folks can act more effectively to dismantle racism and white supremacy. Without analysis, white folks, regardless of their good intentions, inevitably fall into racist patterns that replicate white supremacy. Knowledge of these patterns, support to resist them, and practice in dismantling them is essential in order for white folks to be accomplices to people of color in the struggle to end white supremacy. Ongoing discussion and analysis is essential to counter the insidious ways that racism affects our daily lives and our work for justice.

Current Projects

  • Mass Movement Main Projects:
  • Workshop Main Projects:
    • Communications & Resources
    • Virtual Workshops
    • Deepening Roots
      • Roots Cohorts
      • Organizing Roots Pods

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